Auto Weighing and Batching System

Many processes required that precise quantities of ingredients be brought together to make up a specific batch or formula. This typically involves metering materials individually into a weigh hopper using a metering device such as a screw feeder, airlock, or butterfly valve.

Through many years of experience, Rajdeep has developed a unique control package, designed specifically for bulk materials. Each ingredient has fast & slow speed feed, automatic target weights set, and auto log. Multiple weigh hoppers, or loss-of-weight feeders, may also be used to formulate the batch. Liquid addition scale systems are also provided.

Electronic batching controls are custom designed for ease of operation and flexibility utilizing the latest technology available .Commercial programmable logic controllers (PLC's) are used for system management and ease of operation. A multitude of options are available for batching systems.

  • Effective design
  • High accuracy
  • Total integrated PLC control system
  • Customized deign with high level of flexibility
Various equipment used in weighing & batching system
  • Screw conveyor
  • Rotary airlock valve
  • Feed hoppers
  • Weighing unit
  • Control unit
  • Pneumatic activated valve(BFV)
  • Chemical
  • Construction chemical
  • Paint and pigment handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food industry