Bin Activator

RAJDEEP's Bin activators have already proven their worth the world over as most effective silo discharge solution even for most difficult materials.

  • Rajdeep’s Bin activator provides positive, trouble free, continuous discharge from storage.
  • The operation is silent , needs no attention & consumes little power
  • Bin activator consists of a specially profiled discharge head with baffle above and in line with the discharge opening.
  • It is hung from support ring by means of hangers.
  • Bellow type sealing sleeves on upper and lower ensure that there is no spillage of material.
  • One or two electric vibrators fitted to the unit generate vibration makes the material flow normally through the discharge opening of Bin Activator
  • It can be rapidly installed by bolting / welding to silo of any shape round or square
  • It is simple, rugged, and reliable & maintenance free device.

Bin activators are available in various sizes from 600 mm to 3600 mm diameter

  • Carbon steel
  • SS-304
  • SS-316
Flexible Sleeve:

Food Quality white neoprene, Viton with canvas, Nylon, fibre glass reinforcement

External & internal surface can be painted by two coats of rd oxide followed by synthetic enamel paint.

Bin Activators are used in various industrial applications to facilitate discharging of powdery or granular materials from silos or hoppers.


Bin Activator can handle all difficult products like:-

  • Soya Flour , All grain flour
  • Whey powder , Milk powder
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Soda Ash
  • Lime
  • Talcum Powder
  • Gypsum
  • Fly ash
Industries we serve :
  • Food & Pharma
  • Agri & agrochemicals
  • Soaps & detergents
  • Steel & foundry
  • Cement & allied
  • Distillery & brewery
  • And many more