Grain / Malt Handling System

Rajdeep has established a solid reputation as an industry leader in providing engineered solutions for the automation of bulk solids handling.

Broad background in supplying Distillery & brewery plant (Solid Handling)

Our System comprises of following sections.

  • Grain pre-cleaning and storing section. (Mechanical/ pneumatic handling)
  • Grain unloading from storage silo (Mechanical/ pneumatic handling)
  • Grain Cleaning & Milling System. (Mechanical)
  • Grain Flour Handling System ((Mechanical/ pneumatic handling)
System Involved In Grain Handling System:
  • Grain Unloading: Involves receiving hopper with magnetic grill and bucket elevator.
  • Grain Storage: Storage silos with feeding arrangement and sweep auger and chain conveyor for discharge.
  • Grain Cleaning: Involves pre-cleaner (vibratory screen) separating oversize and undersize impurities, Destoner for removing stones and magnetic drum separator for removing iron particles.
  • Grain Milling: Involves rotary feeder for controlled feed, hammer mill to achieve desired particle size and capacity. Hammer mill discharge arrangement with screw conveyor, rotary screen for coarse separation.
  • Flour Handling: Involves mechanical or pneumatic conveying, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, rotary valves with roots blowers.
  • Flour Storage: Flour storage silo is provided with bin activator for a smooth discharge. Silo is provided with level switches high and low and load cells for weighing/automation.
  • Flour weighing and batching: Weight controller and totalizer for automation and to know the flour consumption. Unique equipment called Pre-masher is used for metered feed of flour and water to get uniform slurry for liquefication
Equipments Used For Grain Handling
  • Bucket Elevators: Bucket elevators are so designed that the all types of Grain is handled very gently by adequate sizing of the speed and the bucket sizes.
  • Rotary valves below silo: Rotary valves are so designed that they operate at very low speeds. A special anti-jamming device is provided at the entry of the valve.
  • Vibratory screen: A vibratory screen screens all grain and removes the physical impurities of larger size.
  • Magnetic separator: A magnetic Separator separates any of the metallic (Iron particles) material entering with the grains.
  • De-stoner: De-stoner separates the equal size stones from the Grains. It is provided with special aspiration system to keep the material in loosened condition.
  • Hammer mill: Hammer Mill grinds the grains to the desired fineness and discharges it into a screw conveyor. Grinding capacity 0.3 - 1 mm
  • Screw conveyor: A screw conveyor conveys the material (grain or flour) to the bucket elevator feed spout or any other destination
  • Pre-masher: For intimate mixing of grist with hot water before entry to the mash vessel in mash Conversion.
  • Control panel: A dedicated control panel caters to the full automation of the plant and user-friendly operation.
  • Grain Silo: Rajdeep offer the best solution for storing & handling of Grain. The flat-bottom silos are with large diameter & capacity which is popular with its easy installation & low cost. Complete System Consists of GIC Silo as a container with equipments such as Bucket elevator, Chain conveyor, and Cleaning system.